The world's first AI tool built specifically for IECs!

Transform Your Educational Consulting Business with AI-Powered Copywriting

Welcome to the Future of Copywriting for IECs! Are you spending countless hours struggling with content creation? Say goodbye to writer's block and hello to AI-driven excellence. Our cutting-edge tool is specially designed to understand the unique needs of the IEC industry, enabling you to create high-impact copy in minutes.

The last AI copy tool you'll need for your Educational Consulting Business!

Uniquely Built

For IECs!

Here's how it works, it's simple.

Each tool is powered by industry specific prompts tailored to the Educational Consulting industry. We have built the most robust collection of AI copywriting tools for Independent Educational Consultants, adding new tools every week.

Exclusive AI Tools Crafted for what you do – Precision, Power, and Personalization at Your Fingertips!

Simple Input, Powerful Output

Just tell us about your consulting practice, target audience, and key messages. Our AI takes these inputs and crafts personalized, persuasive copy that resonates with your clients.

Tailored for IECs

Whether you're consulting with parents or students, our AI understands your niche. Get content that speaks directly to your audience's needs and aspirations.

Copy, Paste and Customize

Love to add a personal touch? Our tool provides a strong foundation, but you have complete freedom to tweak and perfect your message.

Creating New Possibilities

Providing Software Responses

Ready to Elevate Your Consulting Business?

Experience the power of our prompt chained powered tools. Our AI weaves a series of interconnected prompts, building a comprehensive narrative that captures the entire journey of your consulting process, delivering depth and continuity in your messaging.

Become The PRO You Are

No More Generic AI

Content that understands and speaks to the heart of the IEC industry.

Say goodbye to repetitive content. Our AI generates new and innovative ideas for every campaign.

  • Craft weeks' worth of engaging content in a fraction of the time.

  • Leverage AI-optimized copy to boost your engagement and conversions.

  • Use AI like a PRO without the need for a single prompt!

As Easy As:


Enter Your Information


Let Our AI Create


Deploy Your Mission Faster Than Ever!

Flexible Affordable Pricing

Flexible plans tailored to your needs. Experience the full power of our AI tools. No long-term commitments. No contracts.

Cancel anytime!

Content Creation For The IEC

Break free from content creation bottlenecks with AI that understands your goals. Always stay relevant with fresh, trend-setting content ideas.

Nimble Powerful Tools

Engage your audience like never before. Create interactive and dynamic content, from scripts to personalized consulting plans, all powered by our specialized AI tools.

A pricing plan that fits your needs - and budget.

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  • Social Media Tools

  • Ad Creation Tools

  • Business Tools

  • Marketing Tools

  • Plus, over 30+ Industry Specific Tools

*Active GPT-4 (OpenAI) Account is Required




Custom Built ToolKit Around Your Products, Services, & Brand Voice.

  • Social Media Tools

  • Ad Creation Tools

  • Business Tools

  • Marketing Tools

  • Over 30+ Industry Specific Tools

  • Specific to Your Brand and Voice

*Active GPT-4 (OpenAI) Account is Required

7-day trial begins along with customization.

Choose a plan that fits your needs. No hidden fees, cancel anytime.

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